The Best Ferries in the USVI (How to get around)

Best Ferries in the USVI

St. Thomas is one of the main islands you can go to when you visit the Virgin Islands. It houses the capital, Charlotte Amalie, too! Which just adds to the popularity of the islands altogether! It’s a paradise for someone looking to spend a few days relaxing and getting their watersports fix in! However, since the islands are pretty far from the rest of the US, it can be a little confusing frim to plan out your travels. 

If you’re confused about getting to St. Thomas and moving around the islands, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’re going to be doing a full run-down of the best ferries you can use to get there! 

Best Ferries You Can Take To Move Around the Islands

Here are the top four ferries you can take to get to St. Thomas!

Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas) To Road Town (Tortola)

If you’re looking for a quick ride from Charlotte Amalie to Tortola, your best bet would be the ferry from Blyden Ferry Terminal, Charlotte Amalie. This ferry travels out to Tortola three times a day, and the journey overall only takes about an hour! Native Son Ferry, Smith’s Ferry, and Road Town Fast Ferry all operate on this route, so no matter what time of day it is, it’s easy to find the next ferry out! The tickets range from $15 for infants to $60 for adults. However, you will be subject to Port Fees as well. That is $15 for residents and $15 for visitors! 

Road Town (Tortola) To Charlotte Amalie (St. Thomas)

This is the way back from Road Tortola. It works the same way at the ferry mentioned above, but it departs from Road Town instead. The way back takes anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, and the costs are the same as the way to the island. 

St Thomas 8 AM — St Croix 4 PM (Round Trip)

Those that want to go on a round trip from St. Thomas to St Croix. This ferry departs from Edward Blyden Marine Terminal Down Town, Charlotte Amalie, at 8 am. The journey is around 1.5 hours and returns back to the same terminal at 4 pm. Tickets for this ferry range from $90 for children to $120 for adults. 

Thomas 8 AM — St Croix 4 PM (One Way)

The people that only want to go one way to St. Croix, and don’t want to pay the extra charges of the ticket back, should go for this ferry. This one departs from Edward Blyden Marine Terminal and returns from Gallows Bay Marine Terminal. Visitors can choose which way they want to pick on which day, allowing them to stay on either island as long as they please. Tickets for this one range from $50 for children and $75 for adults. 


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