Sea Turtles In Hawaii And How To See Them

Other than the mesmerizing landscape and the glorious beaches, marine life is one of the greatest tourist attractions of Hawaii. Hence, it makes no sense for someone to go on a trip to the Hawaiian islands only to return without having spotted sea turtles Hawaii.

What Kind Of Sea Turtles Can You Find In Hawaii?

The Hawaiian islands are scattered with a variety of sea turtle species. However, the most abundant of all these species is the Hawaiian green turtle. You are much more likely to spot these than any other kind of sea turtles in Hawaii.

Green turtles of Hawaii have earned their name from the shining green armor on their back. The shells get this stunning emerald hue from all the seagrass and algae that green turtles live amongst.

How To Ensure A Sea Turtle Experience When In Hawaii?

There are plenty of sea turtles everywhere in Hawaii, and it’s pretty easy to spot them when you are out and about in the waters. However, if you want to ensure the best sea turtle experience, we recommend booking one of the many available Hawaii snorkeling tours. The snorkeling tour guide will take you to the most likely locations to witness Hawaiian sea turtles and offer fun, interesting facts about each species you see along the way!

Things To Know Before Going Snorkeling With The Sea Turtles Hawaii

When you book a snorkeling tour to see Hawaiian sea turtles, you will be given detailed directions on the dos and don’ts of the tour. Your tour guide will make sure that you know everything you need to know to make the entire thing a fun and safe experience, both for you and the stunning Hawaiian marine life, before you jump into the water. However, it never hurts to be prepared in advance for what’s to come.

Firstly, you should know that Hawaiians deeply respect their marine life and expect you to follow suit. They consider the sea turtles a sacred animal and will be deeply offended if you do anything that harms or disturbs them. Therefore, touching, hunting, chasing, or even feeding the sea turtles is entirely illegal throughout Hawaii. If you are found indulging in any of these, you are bound to be heavily fined.

Along with being mindful of the ways you may intentionally or unintentionally harm a sea turtle, you must also ensure the safety of other marine life. When in Hawaii, use coral-friendly physical sunscreen instead of chemical ones. The harsh components of chemical sunscreens are one of the biggest contributors to the bleaching of sensitive reefs.

Check out this state of the art snorkeling tour guide to have the best experience.

We hope that this guide on Sea Turtles Hawaii has helped you learn a thing or two about them. Happy snorkeling with them!


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