Manta Rays In Hawaii

A trip to Hawaii stays incomplete until you have spotted a manta ray or two. Watching these humongous creatures effortlessly glide through the water right next to you is an experience of a lifetime. If you are planning your next vacation to be in Hawaii, you simply must slip in a night snorkeling tour into your itinerary to see what the hype is about yourself!


Some Interesting Facts About The Manta Rays In Hawaii

Manta rays are some of the largest creatures in the ocean. Coming from eggs that hatch inside the mother’s body into manta ray pups, the newborn manta can range from 3 to 6 feet across in length. The adults in Hawaii can get as big as 16 feet across and weigh more than 1000 pounds! However, despite their intimidating size, they are quite harmless and friendly – as long as you don’t disturb them.

Unlike the manta rays around the world, manta rays Hawaii are nocturnal feeders. Their food consists of phytoplankton that forms a thick coating on the water’s surface. The glowing plankton on the water surface coupled with huge mantas somersaulting in between makes for a mesmerizing sight for the viewers on Hawaii’s many night snorkeling manta tours.

Mantas sport two cephalic fins on either side of their wide-open mouth to enable them to push water and plankton inside. If the plankton coating on the water surface is especially dense, manta rays will repeatedly somersault in the same area to disperse it.


Night Snorkeling Manta Rays In Hawaii – What To Expect?

Before you book a night snorkeling tour to see the manta rays in Hawaii, there are a few things you should know. These directions will be fully explained to you by the guide on tour, but it is always better to come well prepared and know what to expect.

The first rule of watching mantas is never to touch, chase, grab, or disturb them in any way. Manta rays are sensitive creatures with a slimy protective coating on their fins. If this protective coating is interrupted, it can seriously harm the magnificent creature.

You can indulge in night snorkeling manta rays even if you do not know how to swim. The tour guide will provide you with a life jacket to stay comfortably afloat and place a pool noodle under your feet, so you remain horizontal. This position keeps you at a safe distance from the sensitive live coral below and also keeps you still in the waters – any sudden movements can disturb the feeding mantas, and they might go away!

And lastly, always ensure that you have a fast shutter speed GoPro if you want to capture these beautiful moments. These cameras can easily be rented out, so you do not need to make a big investment in buying them. 

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A trip to Hawaii feels incomplete until you’ve glanced at a Manta while snorkeling. So, don’t miss this opportunity to spot Manta rays Hawaii and make the most of your vacation.


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