Best Ziplining Locations in Puerto Rico

It’s one thing to look at a breathtaking view with your feet on the ground and a totally different thing to fly by, right above it. One of the best ways to do that is by going ziplining! Going zip lining in Puerto Rico is like flying over a massive, immersive painting, granted you do it at the right location. 

When it comes to zip lining, location is everything, but the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about that. This post has a list of the top 5 best zip lining locations in Puerto Rico to make your choice a whole lot easier. 

1. Hacienda Campo Rico Estate

If you want to stay as close to San Juan as possible but still have a great time, you’re going to love Hacienda Campo Rico Estate. The facility is only 5 minutes away from the main city, but it doesn’t feel like it. That’s because the park is made on a 2,300-acre private estate. The land used to be a sugar cane plantation field in the past. Although, this isn’t just a place you go to enjoy the greenery. The half-day rainforest tour of San Juan includes multiple different types of ziplining adventures, including Rappelling through caves. Once you’re done, you’re driven back in an off-roading vehicle on a super adventurous trail. Trek across beautiful canopy bridges and have breakfast or lunch back at the main facility, and even unwind at the bar afterward. Allowing you to spend a whole day here without getting bored.

2. Batey Zipline Adventure 

If you want an adventure-filled day with ziplining being the main activity, Batey Zipline Adventure would be the perfect place to go. Here, you hike through the Northern Karst forest and a 150-foot-long suspension bridge that stretches over the Tanamá river. On the other side is the Ziplining area. There they have five different zip lines to choose from, but you could do them all if you’re up for it too. You can repel over a gorgeous eco-farm where the facility likes to do its part in saving the environment. There’s even a 70-foot rappel drop and free jumps into the river on the grounds. Or if you’re into it, kayak through the cave river instead. Once you’re all done with the thrilling adventure, you enjoy a horseback ride through the forest for a calming end of the day.

3. ToroVerde Adventure Park

There are regular ziplines, and then there’s the monster zipline. Monster Zipline is an 8,300-foot zipline in ToroVerde Adventure Park, the second-largest zipline in the entire world! While the park has nine other zip lines that are a little easy-going, “The Monster” is the main attraction. When you’re on it, you can reach speeds close to 95 miles an hour while being suspended in the air, with a clear view of the mountains and forest under you. If that’s not thrilling enough, there’s also a 100-foot rappel into the forest that would make anyone’s stomach drop!  

4. El Yunque Foothills 

If you’re someone that likes to savor the views while also getting the adventure time in, this one is for you. Here, you can start easy with the Rio Grande zipline tour. Once you’ve taken in the view, you can go on the Adventure Trail. This trail takes you to the main ziplining grounds through hanging bridges and beautiful hiking routes. But the real deal is the rainforest zipline experience. The “experience” includes eight different platforms where you can zipline through each and pause between each of them. The platforms allow you to catch your breath, take some selfies and move on to the next one. So you can make it through the 2300 foot zipline at your own pace. 

5. Paradise Seekers

If you’re looking for a ziplining location where the adventure just never stops, there’s no place like Paradise Seekers at Puerto Del Rey Marina. This is an adventure park where you can do pretty much everything Puerto Rico has to offer. Start things off with the ziplines, which start at 150 feet and go up to 1200 feet up in the air. You can fly 150 miles across the forest, but the best thing is that the zip line isn’t lightning fast. That way, the speed doesn’t take over the whole experience. The height does all the work! When you’re done, make your way down the waterfall slide, go snorkeling, or kayak through the glowing lagoon – adventures for all types of people, all in one place.


Final Word 

You’re all set to zipline your day away at any of these beautiful ziplining locations. If you’d like to get some help setting up ziplining tours in Puerto Rico? Get in touch with World Travel Activities to arrange your dream tour today!


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