Best Ziplines in Hawaii

There are few experiences in life that beat the feeling of soaring through treetops and zooming over waterfalls and canyons in Hawaii. In fact, ziplining is one of the most profitable tourist excursions for the people of Hawaii. For that reason, it is no surprise that the Hawaiian tourist market is always flooded with zipline tours striving to be better than the others.

While so many ziplines in Hawaii gives you more options to choose from when booking a zipline tour according to your own preferences, the sheer number of available tours also makes the decision to choose amongst them a difficult one. In this article today, we will talk about the best ziplines in Hawaii in an attempt to make this decision easier.

Ziplining In Oahu

Go ziplining among the treetops in Oahu. The entire experience consists of magical sky bridges, rappels and several ziplines to choose from. All in all, it is a fantastic option for first-time zipliners who want a taste of every adventure to be enjoyed in Hawaii.

Ziplining Over Akaka Falls

If you want to soar over more open spaces rather than find your way through treetops, you can try out the Hawaii Zipline Tours. These tours take you over rainforests, so you can enjoy the mesmerizing views while soaring through the air like a bird. One of the best things about booking these zipline tours is getting to see the rainforest scenery.

Kauai’s Biggest Zipline 

This fast-paced zipline is not one for the fainthearted – the excursion can exceed the speeds of 50mph at certain points in the tour!

As you launch yourself off the highest peak in the region, you quite feel like you are flying through the clouds instead of ziplining your way down 3 quarters of a mile. All that is set against a backdrop that has famously been used in a number of popular Hollywood productions so that you can enjoy one of the most magnificent views all over the world.

Book The Longest Zipline Hawaii With The Umauma Experience

Speaking of huge ziplines, one cannot leave out the Umauma Experience. This thrilling ride is the longest zipline Hawaii, as well as being one of the fastest. Consisting of 9 ziplines, the entire excursion is 2 miles of flying through the air at high speeds of 65 miles per hour!

The Umauma Experience is not just an adrenaline rush, but also offers majestic views of the Hawaiian island. From the start to the finish of this zipline, you will have visited a total of 14 waterfalls, plenty of natural springs, and even crossed a scenic suspension bridge.

You can opt for this Zipline tour for a great experience.

Missing the ziplines in Hawaii experience is no fun and leaves your trip incomplete. So, make sure that you experience this activity at least once on your visit to Hawaii. 


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